Sit, listen…I have a story to tell you…

One of my favourite pastimes is listening to a good story. Storytelling at the library, however,  is usually associated with programs for children. Opportunities for adults to listen to expert storytellers in any setting are rare. Fortunately, Winnipeg has two non-profit groups devoted to spreading the word and storytelling.

The Storytelling Guild and Stone Soup share great stories and encourage budding storytellers to develop their skills by offering workshops and events at a variety of venues. The library is proud to present Stories at Lunch. On Friday, May 6, Mary Louise Chown & Anne Morton present: Folktales and Reality: Why are we still listening to old stories? Four weeks later, on Friday, June 3, Karen Toole & Justin Jaron Lewis present: Spiritual Storytelling. So bring your lunch and enjoy listening to a great story.

To learn more about storytelling, check out these books:

The Triumph of Narrative: Storytelling in the Age of Mass Culture by Robert Fulford.

Fulford considers storytelling to be the mother of all literary arts.  Narrative, he says, is how we explain, how we teach, how we entertain ourselves-and how we often do all three at once.

Burning Brightly: New Light on Old Tales Told Today by Kay Stone.

Stone explains storytelling through the tellers themselves; included are discussions of storytelling communities, analysis of tellers, and the text of 8 stories.

The Art of Storytelling by Nancy Mellon.

Mellon outlines the essential energies of every good story and teaches how to use visualization and imagination to evoke them.

Improving Your Storytelling: Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work or Play by  Doug Lipman.

For those who have already tell stories and want to learn more about the art.

The World of Storytelling by Anne Pellowski.

A classic work that offers a history of the oral tradition in diverse cultures, discussions on the importance of storytelling, and examples of folk, religious, therapeutic and other types of stories.


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