Wills and Kates

How could any of us forget the “Wedding of the Year” on April 29th? A phone company celebrated the day with a bit of silliness here. For those who caught “royal” fever, Barbara provided some great picks on other royal families in her “Royal Reads” blog post.

Next week, the happy couple makes their first official visit to Canada. Even though they couldn’t find room in their schedule for Winnipeg, we want you to enjoy their visit to the fullest. Here are some items from our collection that you may enjoy.

If you want some quick facts without going into a lot of detail, you’ll probably get a lot out of “The Royals: an Illustrated history of Monarchy from yesterday to today.” Put together by the editors of Life, it features both official portraits and behind-the-scenes shots of the British royal family. It also briefly touches on other famous royals, including Queen Noor of Jordan, Princess Grace of Monaco and the last Queen of Hawaii before it became a part of the United States.

It was only a matter of time before “William and Kate: The Movie” was made, and sure enough, we have a listing for it in our collection. It dramatizes the eight-year courtship from the time that they met at the University of St. Andrews up to right before “The Big Day.”

If you want to go back even further, why not check out “The Royal Baby: HRH Prince William of Wales”? It’s a collection of photographs of Prince William as a baby. Recommended only for the purest and most steadfast of royal watchers.

William and Harry” examines the private lives of the princes as told by the people closest to them. Author Katie Nicholl is the royal correspondent for the Mail on Sunday where she also has a weekly column. The book examines the complex relationship they have with their father, Prince Charles and future Queen Camilla. It also chronicles William and Harry’s experiences at school and in the military and the challenges of carrying on the legacy of their mother, Diana, into the 21st century.

Speaking of Diana, there are still things being published about her. One of the weirdest I could find is “Diana: The Ghost Biography” by Hilary Bailey and Emma Tennant. It is written as a ghost story, where the spirit of Diana returns to Balmoral Castle and haunts Charles and Camilla, while at the same time provides comfort to William and Harry. Many loyal monarchy supporters have found this book to be in poor taste. Why not take a look at it yourself and make up your own mind?

For those who are more interested in learning how a commoner caught the eye of the future King of England, why not check out “Kate: The Making of a Princess” by Claudia Joseph? This one is full of photographs and tells the “rags to riches” story of her family’s journey from the mining villages of Durham to meeting William at St. Andrews and all the way to Buckingham Palace.

I’m unhappy to report that at the time of the writing, we’ve got nothing on Pippa! We’ll have to correct that glaring omission soon! 

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!


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