Freegal Music: Ready For Download

Have you tried the library’s new music download service yet?

Freegal Music is the WPL’s newest online resource.  It includes the entire Sony Music catalogue of over 450,000 songs as well as Sony’s 200-300 weekly new releases, and recently added the IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance) catalogue, which lists over 12,000 additional music labels (700 of them Canadian) and almost 3 million songs. It’s PC and Mac friendly, and all songs are Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free MP3 files.

So how does Freegal work? Simply head over to  our database login page with your library card to verify that you’re a WPL member, then click on the link provided to access the Freegal site.  You can browse by artist or search for specific song titles,  albums or genres, and when you find songs that you’d like to acquire,  click on the download link to add them to your personal library.  You can then listen to them on your computer (Mac or PC) or add it to any MP3 player. That’s it…there’s no special software required and no digital rights management (DRM) issues to deal with.  You can also add these files to your iTunes library and sync it to your iPod or iPhone (same as for any other MP3 file). There is a limit of three downloads per week for each valid WPL card; the system records what you’ve borrowed with a handy little counter at the top of the screen, with everyone’s counter resetting at midnight on Sunday.  Check our Freegal info page for more details.

So, have you tried it yet?  What do you think?  We’d love to know!

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