Back to school for adults too…

It’s September. At this time of year I am ready to pack away my flip flops and wrap myself in tartan shawls, berets, chunky wool sweaters and leather boots. I scrutinize all the fat September issues of fashion magazines and the fliers that advertise colored pencils, felt pens and crisp blank scribblers. My inner “back to school” child emerges. I love anticipating new courses, new teachers and new classmates and I look for ways  to jump start my creativity and life long learning.  If you are in the same mood, try one of the following classes:

Does the current Leonardo de Vinci exhibit inspire you to take up a paint brush?  Evening art classes are offered by Lifelong Learning hosted by Winnipeg School Division 1.

Explore the culinary techniques of another culture with the international cuisine series conducted by Chef Jeremy Bender through Louis Riel Continuing Education. From sushi to roti to fajitas, you will dine on dishes YOU prepare and take home the recipes. You could also experiment at home using books like The Spice Kitchen,  one of the many cookbooks from our bountiful collection at Winnipeg Public Library.

Take charge of your spiritual wellness with a Mindfulness Meditation workshop, a powerful antidote to stress at Seven Oaks Wellness Institute. Or if you prefer to de-stress at home,  check out an audio CD course like Guided Mindfulness Meditation by Jon Kabat Zinn, a leading practitioner.

And of course WPL always hosts programs free of charge. At the Fort Garry Branch the dynamic Elizabeth Briggs will help start your journey into your family’s history at the Introduction to Genealogy course on Sept 13 & 20. Call 986-4919 for more information or to register.

What new things are you planning to learn this fall?


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