Are you On The Same Page?

Manitobans have spoken! More of you voted for a book on the 2011-12 On The Same Page shortlist than in the three previous years of the program, and you chose The Setting Lake Sun / Le soleil de lac qui se couche by J.R. Léveillé.

With generous funding from The Winnipeg Foundation and the enthusiastic participation of Manitoba libraries, bookstores and media, On The Same Page brings Manitobans together for a shared reading experience–it’s the province’s biggest bookclub.

Born in Winnipeg, J.R. Léveillé has worked for Radio-Canada for many years and written over thirty books: novels, poetry collections, and literary essays. The Setting Lake Sun is set in Winnipeg and Manitoba’s north and tells the story of Angele, a young Metis woman studying architecture, and what she learns from her encounter with Ueno, an older poet of Japanese descent. It’s a love story as a spiritual journey, a celebration of life in all its incompleteness, imperfection, and impermanence.

Now that Manitobans have selected the book to read, we move into the next phase of On The Same Page: putting together a Readers’ Guide to the book, figuring out the best ways to distribute free copies across the province, and planning a wide range of events (including chances to meet the author) to take place in January-February 2012. Keep your eye out for more!


7 responses to “Are you On The Same Page?

  1. Danielle: Like immensely your Reader’s Salon. Recommend transsexual Stanford University Doctor Joan Roughgarden’s book:’ Evolution’s Rainbow’ for bookclub pick, “On the Same Page” pick, showing diversity and individuality in animals and humans and challenges gender identity status quo accepted wisdom and see
    merci Thank you.

  2. I did not enjoy this book. As a suggested book I found it somewhat insulting, as it is nothing more than a glorified Harlequin novel.

    • Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy The Setting Lake Sun. I liked the local aspect of it and the discussions on art & translation — but of course, every reader is going to come away from the book with a different opinion, and we don’t expect everyone to love it.

      Please consider taking the online survey at and leaving a comment there. We always want to hear feedback, good or bad, and the survey also gives you a chance to recommend a book you feel deserves to be next year’s chosen title. We definitely take these suggestions into account to come up with the shortlist of titles for Manitobans to vote on.

  3. Made for a very fast read as one gets so immersed in the characters and want to see end results.J.R.makes one truly become one with nature.

  4. Truly loved this little treasure! It’s not really about the story. Thinking of it as a Harlequin romance misses the point entirely. It’s poetry from cover to cover. My favorite parts are all the little aphorisms we encounter here and there, like ‘What is incomplete has a certain beauty’. When you think about it, that means absolutely everything has beauty. these bits usually come from Ueno, but even Angèle and Aron say some – and they are all surprising. Its poetry and philosophy all at once.

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