My Favourite Photoblogs

Do you love taking photos or do you just appreciate viewing beautiful  photography? Either way, photoblogs are a great idea-generating resource for your next picture-taking excursion or a way to travel to new worlds that you aren’t planning to go to in person anytime soon. They’re also great for seeing how others look at the world — with different eyes.

Here are some of my favourite photoblogs, as well as some other photographic resources that I enjoy; I hope you do too!

Fascinated by astronomy, I find the Terrastro Gallery from a talented hobbyist in Australia to be an amazing collection of nighttime sky shots. His tagline pretty well sums it up: “The Milky Way and all things astronomical.” Is he looking at the same sky we are?

Sam Javanrouh is an equally amazing Toronto photographer that has been taking daily urban photos of his hometown since at least 2006. His visually stunning streetscapes, in both black/white and colour, in his blog daily dose of imagery are works of art I find worthy of frequent visits.

It’s hard to beat National Geographic for great photography, and you’ll be pleased to know they’ve transferred their great magazine art skills into cyberspace. Their photoblog site includes a special ‘photo a day’. You can also send in your own favourite pics during contest windows.

Another great personal photoblog site is Peter Farago’s from Hungary (photonique). His self-expressive shots shows a lot of passion, dedication, and an eye for beauty wherever he finds it.

Back to astronomy, there’s a site I’ve visited for years that never disappoints. It’s the out-of-this-world Astronomical Picture of the Day gathered by NASA, which often brings a sense of awe into an otherwise bland day. Not only do you get a great pic each day but an educational description of the shot by someone who knows what they are talking about.

Other assorted photo sites to visit include Pixiq: the photo world in focus (only 150 more photoblogs), free use photos from Flickr,’s Today’s Picture page, our collection of Winnipeg Public Library online photos, and the not-to-be-missed cool photoblogs hall of fame site.

Of course there are a lot of photography resources right here at Winnipeg Public Library. Come take a look, or visit our online catalogue and reserve a copy of your favourite photo book. One excellent option is Freeman Patterson’s book, Photography and the Art of Seeing.

Last but not least, two shameless plugs for photo sites of people I know. My friend Verda Heinrichs is well on her way to creating a interesting, reflective site that explores technical as well as spiritual aspects of digital photography. Take a peek here. And my avid photographer son, Joel Penner, is currently holding a photo exhibition at the Millennium Library’s second floor Blankstein Gallery. His exhibition-related site is here. As biased as a father can be, I really enjoy what he’s coming up with!
– Lyle

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  1. Thank you for the links!

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