Best Home and Garden Books: Part Two

community garden

“More things grow in the garden than the gardener sows.”  Spanish proverb

In my last article I highlighted a few of the top interior design books of 2011. With gardening season on the horizon, here are some of the standout titles and trends in gardening that appeared last year in BookNews.

Sustainable Gardening

Manitoba Hydro Place exemplifies the best practices of sustainable architecture.  Green roofs provide protection from solar gain in summer and insulate to reduce heat loss in winter. The interior vertical WinterGarden acts as the “lungs” of the building pretreating incoming air to provide 100% fresh air. For ideas on incorporating these commercial systems into a domestic setting see:

vertical garden Vertical vegetables and fruit

 Small green roofs: low tech options for greener living

Natural low maintenance greenscaping

perennial lawn

Lawns are unsustainable in terms of the hours spent mowing and watering and the negative effects of toxic chemicals on humans and wildlife. Native perennial grasses are slowly replacing Kentucky Bluegrass. Find instructions for transforming a conventional lawn into a low maintenance sanctuary in:

Eco-yards: simple steps to earth friendly landscapes

 Gardening naturally: a chemical free handbook for the prairies

Urban Farming

community garden

Growing your own food is a movement which Michelle Obama has championed. Community gardens are flourishing in Winnipeg and gardeners are cultivating fruits and vegetables along with chickens for eggs, bees for honey and grapes for wine. Learn more about guerilla gardening and supporting local farmers and food producers in Manitoba at the Growing Local conference Feb 23 -25, 2012. To find out how to  grow your own food in the city read:

I garden:urban style

 Complete Idiot’s Guide to Urban Homesteading

 Gardening in small spaces

plants in pots

With the trend to downsizing to apartment and condo living, gardens are shrinking to fit a patio, balcony or window box. Plants are used as privacy screens in high density dwellings and provide a calming space for relaxation. Ideas for creating a green refuge in small spaces are found in:

 Apartment Gardening

 Grow plants in pots

Get ready for the gardening season at Seedy Saturday and learn more about local biodiversity, find inspiration for your garden and take part in the community seed exchange on March 3, 2012. For more of the latest trends in gardening subscribe to Home and Garden Booknews to get a monthly list of our choice of the new and inspiring titles arriving in our collections.

 Get down and dirty this spring!


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