100 Minutes with an Author

This spring, Winnipeg Public Library is pleased to present its series “100 Minutes with an Author” in partnership with the Writers’ Collective of Manitoba. Three local authors writing in various genres will be on hand to speak about their work.

Starting on Thursday, April 5th, Ishbel Moore will focus on “Writing for Young Adults.” Her books appear in both children’s and young adult collections. Many include elements of time travel and fantasy, often paired with a Winnipeg or Manitoba setting for some of the story. In The Summer of the Hand, Shona journeys 400 years back in time to Scotland, where a murder is about to happen. Meanwhile, her family is planning a move to Winnipeg. Other titles by this author feature characters dealing with personal and family issues. In Daughter, Sylvie finds that her mother is beginning to act in strange ways, which turn out to be symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. More information about the author’s other works can be found on her website.

The following week, Bob Armstrong discusses “Writing Humour” on Thursday, April 12. After a number of Fringe plays—see his website for a complete list—he published his first novel last year. Dadolescence is a comical take on the stay-at-home dad; here Bill and his two pals in the ‘hood of the suburbs share a similar state of (un)employment. He is purportedly working on his thesis, but considers the other two in need of enlightenment about the aimlessness of their lives: one is mired in a never-ending cycle of home improvements, while the other is a compulsive exaggerator, shall we say, of his past accomplishments. Bill hatches a complicated plan to bring everything to a head, and turns out to be in for a dose of reality himself. This book continues the legacy of Red Green, where men are amusingly hapless and harmless, and tolerated by their long-suffering wives. Readers who enjoy Armstrong’s writing might also want to look at the blog linked to his website, containing interesting comments on reading and the writing life, among other things.

The series wraps up with “Doodles, Dog Walks & Drains: Desperately Seeking Inspiration” presented by Patti Grayson on Thursday, April 19. Her recent novel Autumn, One Spring injects humour into a story of relationships, when Autumn appears in town just as her sister is preparing for her wedding. Incidents in their past mean that the sisters are far from eager to reunite. Grayson’s earlier book, Core Samples, is a volume of short stories. The author brings a prairie voice to her snapshot on the character’s lives in these condensed narratives. Check out the website for further information about her.

So take advantage of the chance to hear these authors discuss the creative process and the writing life. All programs start at 7 p.m. and end at–well, it’s “100 Minutes with an Author.” You do the math…


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