All Geared Up

On June 22, Winnipeg Public Library hosted 4 pit stops on Bike to Work Day. Over 4000 cyclists chose to bike rather than drive on that day. The Fort Garry Library pit stop offered coffee and donuts compliments of Tim Horton’s, cinnamon buns from our good neighbours at Cottage Bakery as well as free “Books to Go,” Winnipeg Public Library swag and Cycling Maps.

We were just one of 38 pit stops situated throughout the city and I am sure we shared the same feeling of camaraderie. There is solidarity among cyclists who understand the sense of exhilaration and connection with the urban environment which can’t be felt from behind the wheel of a car.

David Bynre on a bikeDavid Byrne, cofounder of the band Talking Heads, discovered that, from the seat of a bicycle, he became open to the rhythm of a city’s population and geography. Byrne began to take a folding bike on his travels around the world. Bicycle Diaries chronicles his panoramic view as he pedals through some of the world’s major cities including Istanbul, Buenos Aires and New York City.

Riders know that you can shed pounds as you save money. Ride Your Way Lean bills itself as the ultimate plan for burning fat and getting fit on a bike.  With soaring gym membership fees and gasoline prices hitting record highs who could argue that biking can transform your life.

On Bicycles lists the 50 ways that the new bike culture can change your life including new ways to design cities for bikes, bike friendly workplaces and bike-sharing programs.

Winnipeg is still a long way from being bike friendly. You need to learn some basic tactics to survive on its mean streets. The Urban Cyclist’s Survival Guide will teach you the perfect lock techniques to thwart thieves, how to share streets with road-raged drivers, fix a flat fast and much more.

If you need some assistance from local mechanics go to Wrench, a community bicycle education and repair organization. Its website lists a number of community bike repair shops  where you can do your own bike repairs with the help of tools, volunteer mechanics and recycled bike parts.

See you at a Pit Stop on Bike to Work Day 2013!


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