Imagine: TD Summer Reading Program 2012

This summer, thousands of children from across the city participated in Winnipeg Public Library’s TD Summer Reading Club. The theme for 2012 was Imagine, which led to all kinds of monster mayhem and fantastical fun. Whether it was making their own dragons, or learning how to defend themselves against gryphons, hydras, and minotaurs, kids of all ages had a blast using their imagination at the library this summer!

In addition to the amazing magic of Ryan Price, and the lively musical adventures of Aaron Burnett and Jake Chenier, a highlight of the summer was the annual visit from Goldeyes baseball players who read stories and shared with kids the fun and importance of reading. The Goldeyes also celebrated Library Night at the Ballpark on August 8th with plenty of fanfare, including a visit from Goldie the mascot who showed off his over-sized library card with great pride.

Kids experience learning losses when they don’t engage in educational activities during the summer – especially when it comes to reading. But the good news is that parents and kids can do something to stop the “brain drain.”  The biggest way to continue learning is to keep reading over the summer. And the best way to encourage reading is to join TD Summer Reading Club! So if your kids didn’t get a chance to join in on the fun this year, be sure to drop into the library next summer. You’ll be glad you did!

To get a sneak peak at all of the fun we had during this year’s TD Summer Reading Club, check out this awesome slideshow that features pics from a handful of our branches!

– Lindsay, Lyle

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