Handmade Holidays – An Early Start!

Every year, I try to get it together to make the gifts I’m giving for the holidays. Hostess gifts, Christmas gifts,  Secret Santa gifts… I always convince myself that I’ll have the time and energy this year to give meaningful gifts that are handmade with love and care. Honestly, the years I’m the most successful are the years when I make ornaments, or something similarly assembly line, but I couldn’t help scouring the (in this case, virtual) shelves for ideas of what to make. Nice and early, in mid-November, so I have a chance to make everything, right?

I decided Freading was the perfect place to look – this way, I could download the instructions straight to my phone, and have them with me at all times, for when the crafting urge strikes. No holds, no waiting! (And even better, I could renew them for free in the middle of December, when I panic for real and actually start making things.)

Mini Christmas Crochet

First up, we have these pretty adorable mini Christmas crochets. Despite the Christmas specific title, there are also wonderful winter holiday designs like snowmen and BABY PENGUINS to make!

Knits for Nerds

Now, I know *I* won’t have time (because it would involve learning to knit, as well), but the Hobbit feet slippers in this book are definitely a great gift idea this year!  And for the ultra-ambitious, why not make his-and-hers sweater vests from The Big Bang Theory. Plus, an eReader cover that doubles as a chessboard. Wow.

Show me a Story

For the little ones on my list, I love the idea of storytime blocks from this book. Visual blocks allow children to start to expand their own storytelling abilities, and are infinitely engaging to young ones – and all it takes is some Mod Podge, magazine or card images, and plain wooden blocks!

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

My dad loves gadgets, and is totally into the idea of recycling/ re-purposing  so I think a calculator turned into a metal detector would be a great stocking stuffer. I’ll even be generous and let him keep the change he finds in the couch.

The Great Christmas Cookie Swap Cookbook

I’m also definitely into the idea of doing a cookie swap this year – adding some variety to the plate is never a bad thing, and it is much easier to bake in bulk!

Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking

For kids or the cardmakers out there, this Papermaking book is beautiful – a card using these techniques is a gift in itself! I also love that it is recycling paper – the holidays can always use a little more Green, in my opinion.

Strong Waters

All of these sound great… but I think my gift this year for the adults on my list will be bottles of home-made mead. The Rhodomel (rose flavoured honey wine) recipe in this book sounds like the perfect thing for holiday cheer!

All of these books are available right now, for your computer, tablet or smartphone, from Freading. To find out more about how to use Freading, visit our Freading overview page.

2 responses to “Handmade Holidays – An Early Start!

  1. This is helpful, thanks! I’v e already been tempted by Knitting for Nerds, it’s hilarious.

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