Tech Tips: New eReader Visual Guides for the OverDrive App

With recent Black Friday deals and prices dropping all across the board, we’re gearing up for a massive eReader holiday season here at WPL. Anytime folks start unwrapping new eReading toys with glee, we (happily) brace for an onslaught of “hey, wait, how do I get Library eBooks onto this thing??” questions. We love that people have started to think of the library first when they think of eBooks, but it’s difficult answering everyone’s questions in a timely manner, especially when libraries are all closed on the most common eReader unwrapping days.

One of our strategies this year is to develop visual guides to walk you through the process. We’ve uploaded our first slideshow to our Flickr page, and embedded it on our eBooks & eAudiobooks Subject Guide. It’s a walkthrough of the OverDrive App (used for downloading eBooks and Audiobooks from eLibraries Manitoba) on an Android Tablet. Guides for the app on both iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook will be coming very soon.


Also, on a related note, if you’re planning to give an eReader as a gift this holiday season, think about printing off a copy of this eReader Gift Enclosure flyer (you can also pick up a copy in any branch) and including it with the gift to let your loved one know about all the free eBook downloads available through the Winnipeg Public Library site.

Happy eReading Holidays!


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