New in Online eBooks: Disney Digital Books

One of the most common questions at our Children’s service desks is, “do you have any Disney books available?” Unfortunately, far too often the answer is no, there aren’t any, because they’re very popular and get checked out as soon as they’ve been returned… either that or they’re in paperback form and have started to fall apart due to too many *enthusiastic* readings.

Well, now there’s an option for anyone who goes home empty-handed: Disney Digital Books! This newest addition to our OverDrive eBooks service lets you check out Disney Digital Books from home and read them right there on your computer. Because the Disney books are browser-based, they can be enjoyed on a Windows or Mac computer, with no software or book downloads required.

A Disney Digital Book in action.

A Disney Digital Book in action.

Each book offers interactive features to enhance the user experience such as a ‘magic pen’ that pronounces words with just one click, trivia questions, and the ability to look up word definitions. Users will recognize familiar Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Hanna Montana, and more.

One thing to keep in mind when checking out Disney Digital Books is that because they’re part of our OverDrive collection, you can only have 10 titles out at any given time, assuming you do not also have other OverDrive materials out on the same card. Remember, though, everyone in your family is eligible to get their own Winnipeg Public Library card – even the kids! And if you regularly check out downloadable eBooks from OverDrive for your eReader or mobile app, you’ll want to note that the Disney Digital Books can’t be returned early – if you check them out for 21 days, they’ll be on your account for 21 days. You can set your personal default lending period by going to Account and choosing “Settings” (you can set the default lending period here for ANY of your favorite OverDrive formats – and they can all be different!).

There are over 600 Disney Digital Books to choose from, so check some out today!


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