Not Quite as Easy as Pie

Racing Car Birthday CakeI am afraid of baking.  It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this so out in the open, but I can’t lie. It’s terrifying looking at a baking pan, dusted and oiled or whatever it’s supposed to be, wondering what horrible mess I will be confronted with after visiting the oven.

Yup. I’m afraid of baking. I happily challenge soccer balls and player’s feet as they aim for my head while I stand in the net. I have flung curling rocks as well as my body down the ice – admittedly I was a lousy but enthusiastic curler. I can change the most disgusting diaper a two-year old can fill for me, no problem. Heck, I’ll go grocery shopping on Sunday at 5:00 pm, yet I fear baking a cake for my two-year-old’s birthday. What’s up with that?

Stepping up to the plate (HA! Plate!!) is my friendly local library.  Unfortunately no one has agreed to bake a cake for me (believe me, I’ve asked) so I have armed myself with information instead. Check out the books I’ve signed out:

Birthday Cakes for Kids 
by Annie Rigg

I have a kid and he’s having a birthday.  Seems like a perfect fit.

The Birthday Cake Book: 75 Recipes for Candle-Worthy Creations
by Dede Wilson

Are you kidding me??? 75 recipes!!

 Step-by-Step Cakes
by Caroline Bretherton

She had me at step-by-step.

And last but not least…

Fun & Original Cakes for Men & Boys:  Over 25 Ideas for Adorable Character Cakes, Cake Toppers and Mini Cakes
by Maisie Parrish

Not sure about this one, but my son is a boy… it could work.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’ll give you a piece if it turns out! 


Not afraid of baking? Love fancy cakes? You’ve still got a few days to enter this year’s Books 2 Eat competition! Deadline for entries is April 1. And mark your calendars, because the cakes will be on display (and some will be served!) on Saturday, April 6.

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