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OverDrive for Windows 8, eBooks Video Tutorials and eBooks for Little Ones

If you are planning to buy a new computer soon, chances are it is going to come with Windows 8. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s newest version of their operating system for desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. In some ways it’s a significant departure from the Windows of the past, mainly in the touch-centric Modern User Interface (formerly codenamed Metro). Apps (basically, software) that are designed for this new user interface are made available through the Windows Store.

OverDrive Media Console for Windows 8So why am I writing about the latest operating systems on a library blog?  Well, available in the Windows Store is the new Overdrive Media Console for Windows 8.

Overdrive Media Console (just Overdrive from now on) is the main interface to the Winnipeg Public Library’s downloadable eBooks on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Like Windows 8 itself, Overdrive for Windows 8 is a departure from the interface we’re familiar with for the Apple iOS and Google Android versions of the app.

windows8Because it’s such a departure, we’ve created a new Windows 8 version of our instructions for using Overdrive with the Winnipeg Public Library. Readers can find it (as well as our step-by-step guides for iOSAndroid and Blackberry) on the Downloadable eBooks page of our eBooks and Audiobooks guide.

OverDrive for Android

OverDrive for Android

OverDrive for Blackberry

OverDrive for Blackberry

OverDrive for iPad

OverDrive App for iPad

As I wrote above, Overdrive is the main interface for our eBooks on phones, tablets, and now computers; but how do readers with dedicated eReaders like the Kobo or Sony products borrow our eBooks? Sony PRS-T1 and PRS-T2 eReaders come pre-loaded with an Overdrive alternative, found on the second page of the home screen and labeled “Public Library.”  We have instructions for the Sony eReaders, as well. Other eReaders need to use intermediary software called Adobe Digital Editions.

We just published a series of short video tutorials describing the process for these eReaders. The third video in the series will be of use for those using Overdrive as well.

If you’re looking for help with a specific step, here’s the playlist broken down:

Winnipeg Public Library Offers Thousands of Free eBooks:
A general introduction to eBooks
Installing Adobe Digital Editions to Transfer Free eBooks to Your eReader: 
How to install ADE on your computer so that you can transfer them to your eReader device.
Create an Adobe ID:
How to create an Adobe ID so that you can copy eBook files from one of your devices to another
Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions to Read Free eBooks from WPL: how to input your Adobe ID so that eBooks can be downloaded and transferred
Find and Download Free eBooks at the Winnipeg Public Library:
Steps to search OverDrive and then checkout & download free eBooks from WPL
Download Free eBooks from WPL to Adobe Digital Editions:
How to get your eBook from OverDrive into your eBook software so that it can be transferred 
Transfer Free eBooks from WPL from Adobe Digital Editions to your eReader:
How to move an eBook from your computer to your eReader device


eBooks for Little Ones

As the father of two little girls in the age of Netflix and hand-me-down mobile devices, sometimes I find it challenging to pull my three-year-old away from Caillou, Madeline, and Kipper. Our TumbleBook Library has been helpful in this.


TumbleBook Library features animated, read-along versions of many children’s books.  My daughter is particular fond of Robert Munsch’s performances of his books. She laughed a lot the first thirty times he read his 50 Below Zero.

Now that she’s worn the ones and zeroes on these eBooks down to their fractions, I’m planning to introduce her to the Disney Digital Books we have available on OverDrive. With her library card, she can check out 10 of these at a time and read them over and over on our computer or laptop.

For more information about these and other kinds of Online eBooks, take a look at our eBooks Guide – you may be surprised at the variety of titles you find there!