We’re all ears

summerreadingWell, the school year’s started back. I hope all the students and caregivers are having success getting adjusted to new routines. Here at the Library we’re re-grouping after a great summer of reading, literacy-based activities and just plain ole fun with Winnipeg children and families in July and August! Nearly 6,000 children signed up for our TD Summer Reading Club this year, and even more of you joined us for programs ranging from readings with Goldeyes baseball players to Family Literacy Fun Days to Lego ® Block Parties and more. We’ve had so many opportunities to interact with, and learn from, you and the children you care for – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Learning more about you and what you think has been top-of-mind for us lately.  Many of you will have seen the pop-up survey about the full range of our services when you’ve visited our website. If you haven’t already filled it out (for your convenience there are short, medium and longer versions to take – though all are pretty quick!) please click on through.

We also had a parallel survey up specific to our TD Summer Reading Club – thank you to those of you who filled it out – your responses have just landed on our desk! And right now, we have a very short survey up about our Disney Digital Books service. Whether or not you’ve used this streaming collection we’re interested in hearing from you. We’re also giving away three prize packs, containing a Disney Cars characters encyclopedia and some Library swag. (If you haven’t tried out this streaming collection yet, visit our eBooks page, grab your Library card and log in).

Surveys like the above are great: they’re pretty quick, easy to circulate and we end up with lots of useful information to analyze (we love a good spreadsheet!). But some of the most rich and valuable feedback we receive from you though is in-person at our branches and mobile sites or out at festivals in the community. We hear about all the things you love about the Library and also about some areas where you feel we could improve, do a bit more or maybe just do something a bit differently. Those of you who bring the children you care for to the Library – whether for a program, to browse for fun titles or to get some homework research help – are some of our most robust feedback-givers and we appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts

Photo credit Mike Deal / WInnipeg Free Press.Services for children and families are a cornerstone for any public library system and WPL is no different. This fall as we start another round of our pre-school programs (registration began this past Friday, September 13 – check with your local branch about spaces availability) we hope you’ll take the time to let us know how we’re doing. Did you feel welcomed and comfortable in our spaces? Did you and your children learn a new rhyme or story or two (or three or four!)? Did you receive recommendations about where to find more of the same kind of great materials we showcase in these programs? Is there information about children’s books (ebooks too!) and early childhood literacy you wished we’d communicated more? Whatever your questions, it’s our job to find the answers you need so don’t hesitate to speak up.

Wishing you all a terrific fall season,


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