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Manitobans have spoken! You’ve picked the book that you want to read for On The Same Page from our 2013-14 shortlist. With generous funding from The Winnipeg Foundation and the enthusiastic participation of Manitoba libraries, bookstores and media, On The Same Page brings Manitobans together for a shared reading experience–it’s the province’s biggest bookclub.

It’s gratifying that each year, the number of votes continues to climb. This year the book hundreds of you voted for is The Lucky Ones: African Refugees’ Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Anne Mahon.

LuckyOnes_cover_finalIn this compelling collection, Anne has gathered the stories of refugees in their own words. Men and women ranging in age from 4 to 73, from a variety of African countries and backgrounds, talk about their former lives and how they came to build new ones here in Manitoba.

Anne’s interest in telling these stories grew out of her dedicated commitment to Canada’s newcomers. She has been involved in a variety of community organizations and was nominated for the  Lieutenant Governor’s Make a Difference Community Award for her volunteer service. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband and their three children.

What next? Borrow a copy of The Lucky Ones from the Library, or buy one at a local bookstore. We’ll also be giving away free copies soon, so keep your eyes open!

Have you already read the book? Then watch our website ( for more information, and don’t forget to count yourself in the Reader’s Tally once it’s up.

Meanwhile, we’ll be busy putting together a Readers’ Guide, figuring out the best ways to distribute free copies across the province, and planning a wide range of events (including chances to meet Anne and some of the contributors to the book) in early 2014. Look for more in the Library’s January-February newsletter.


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