What’s Cooking at Westwood: a year of cooking done!

The new What’s Cooking at Westwood? Cookbook Club met 8 times, reviewed 57 cookbooks, tasted 60 recipes, and drank countless cups of tea. We ate unfamiliar foods, tried new cooking methods and made some mistakes (see the February blog about eating too much chocolate). I can definitely say we learned a lot and made new friends in the process.

A potluck dinner was planned for the final meeting. As members discussed what they were going to bring the potluck evolved into an ethnic dinner, with members bringing a dish to reflect their cultural heritage. We gathered with our dishes carefully wrapped to keep them warm, waiting to see what delicacies would be uncovered.

The feast began with Japanese Soup, Scotch Eggs, Ukrainian Filled Rolls, Hazelnut Bannock Pie, Latkes and Homemade Bagels.

For dessert we had Scottish Shortbread, Imperial Cookies, Trifle and Brandy Snaps filled with Espresso Cream.

Each member was given a cookbook, containing of all of the recipes we tested during the book club session. As we sampled the food and looked through the cookbooks we laughed about secret family recipes, cooking disasters and the “pastry gene” which seems to skip generations in some families. We are all eager to discover new tastes and trends in September.

What’s Cooking at Westwood? is TO BE CONTINUED…

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