New in Aboriginal Resources!

One of Winnipeg Public Library’s most in-demand collections is our Aboriginal Resources Collection.  The collection is made up of films and music, in addition to all the books.  There are materials for all ages: adults, teens and children.  A search of our catalogue today showed we currently have 3,990 titles in this collection.  (Pro tip:  to find out what’s in the collection go to the main page of our catalogue and select “Aboriginal Resources” from the drop down list on the far left.)  You can find items from this collection across the Library system.  Branches that have large amounts of these titles will have them highlighted and shelved separately for easy browsing.

Here’s a quick list of some recent purchases – both newer titles and some favourites that we’ve stocked up on again.

Just Pretending by Lisa Bird-Wilson

Just Pretending
From the summary: “At times haunting, at times hilarious, Just Pretending explores the moments in life that send us down pathways predetermined and not-yet-forged.”  Read a review of Just Pretending here. The 49th Shelf has a great interview with the author here.  The cover of Just Pretending features artwork by local artist KC Adams, whose stereotype-busting project Perception was in the news this past summer.


Playing the White Man’s Games by Don Marks

Playing the White Man's Games
From the summary: “Playing the White Man’s Games tells the extraordinary tales of Native American athletes who overcame tremendous obstacles to dominate the NFL, CFL, PGA, Olympic Games, NHL and professional wrestling.”  Local author Don Marks also writes a column for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Resistance and Renewal. Surviving the Indian Residential School by Celia Haig-Brown

Resistance and Renewal: Surviving the Indian Residential School
From the summary: “One of the first books published to deal with the phenomenon of residential schools in Canada, Resistance and Renewal is a disturbing collection of Native perspectives on the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS) in the British Columbia interior.” Haig-Brown’s book is now in its ninth printing.  Visit the author’s page here.

The Moon Speaks Cree: A Winter Adventure by Larry Loyie
For children and families.

The Moon Speaks Cree

From publisher Theytus Books: “Learning the universal lessons of Aboriginal culture, young Lawrence rides his father’s long toboggan pulled by four eager dogs, invents a sliding machine that really works from his grandfather’s old steamer trunk, reconnects with his older brother and learns the secrets of winter survival from his parents and grandparents.”  The Library also has several other titles by Loyie.

Welcome Song For Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns by Richard Van Camp
For children and families.

Welcome Song for Baby: Lullaby for newborns

First published in 2007, this board book is definitely a favourite.  The rhythmic and soothing text is accompanied by photographic portraits of caregivers and infants.  You can find other Van Camp titles (for all ages) here.

Grandmother Ptarmigan by Qaunaq Mikkigak
For children and families.

Grandmother Ptarmigan

From the summary: “A sing-song parable that serves as an introduction to traditional Inuit stories. It’s bedtime for baby ptarmigan, but he will not go to sleep. So his grandmother decides to tell him a bedtime story that he will never forget.” Grandmother Ptarmigan is a story re-told by Cape Dorset elder Qaunaq Mikkigak.

And last but not least we’ve recently purchased many copies of this year’s On the Same Page – Manitoba’s Biggest Book Club selected title: North End Love Songs by Katherena Vermette.

North End Love Songs

This debut book also won Vermette the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry.  You can read a recent interview with Vermette here and watch a video of the 2012 Winnipeg launch of the book here. In January and February we will be featuring all kinds of programming with Katherena Vermette and inspired by the themes in North End Love Songs.  Be sure to download or pick up a copy of our January/February @ the Library newsletter – available in late December.  And don’t forget to add yourself to our Reader’s Tally and encourage everyone you know to pick up this wonderful book!


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