New Years: Resolving Your Resolution

newyearWhether you’ve decided to quit smoking, are planning a party, or you really want to learn to cook, there’s always something to think about when it comes to celebrating and preparing for New Year’s Eve and the New Year. If you’re like me you make a resolution, and you never finish it.  The resolution will last maybe about a month – two if I’m lucky – and then I might decide to have just a taste of that food I said I’d give up, or I may resolve to skip my exercise for one day, and it just snowballs from there.

According to Wikipedia, the idea of New Year’s resolutions came from several different places. Ancient Babylonians and Romans would make promises to their Gods, while in medieval times, knights would make the ‘peacock vow’ at the end of Christmas to re-commit themselves to chivalry.

Now we just make promises to ourselves as well as our families and friends to stop a bad habit, pick up a good one, or learn a new skill. Whether you’ve never broken a resolution, or you’re like me and you’ve broken them all, the library can help you keep on track. We’ve got some great reference materials for you to take a look at.

EncyclopediaWould you like to learn how cultures around the world celebrate the New Year?  If so, you could check out some of our books on Chinese New Year, or you could research ALL of them with the Encyclopedia of New Year’s Holidays Worldwide, which in over 300 pages details the traditions of 130 cultures around the world (a pretty big research commitment – maybe add that to your list of resolutions).

Or maybe you need help planning that last minute party? Meredith Brokaw’s book The Penny Whistle Christmas Party Book: Including Hanukkah, New Year’s & Twelfth Night Family Parties is a useful resource.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your New Year – whether it’s with a bunch of friends, close family, or just sleeping through it like me – we at the Winnipeg Public Library wish you the best, and hope that you enjoy every second of it.

If you have a resolution you want to share, or if you want to tell us how you plan to celebrate the New Year, let us know!


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