Twenty New Star Wars Novels? Yes Please!

Star Wars Logo

Like any good nerd, I’m practically buzzing as I scour the internet for any new tidbits about the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, that hits theaters this December 18th. I’ll take anything to whet my appetite for all things long ago, from a galaxy far, far away. Fan theories about the plot of the new movie, production stills, concept art; heck, I even read this really in depth discussion about the new lightsaber design from the teaser trailer!

The most exciting news has to be the recently announced twenty books that will bridge the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the controversial decision by Disney Studios and Lucasfilms to discard the dozens of novels in the “Expanded Universe”.

The Expanded Universe novels covered the aftermath of Return of the Jedi and the subsequent 40 years. Director J.J Abrams and his team of writers have decided to tell a different story, essentially making the Expanded Universe novels non-canonical in the Star Wars Universe.

Needless to say I’d felt a little cheated when I’d heard this news. All those storylines, all those characters I’d loved reading about, all those evil villains were no longer relevant! However, all that means is that these 20 new titles will bring a whole plethora of new characters and stories into the universe that I, and so many other nerds, love!

Publishers have conceded that not all 20 titles will be full novels; some will be graphic novels, some will be short stories, and there is no confirmation on when the first title with hit the shelves. One thing you can be sure of, WPL will have it on the shelves as soon as possible!

Luke Skywalker

May the Force be with you.


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