Let them read cake

13698449723_c09dc166fc_zEvery year, the Library Board of the Winnipeg Public Library organizes a fabulous “Books 2 Eat” event. This year’s Books 2 Eat will take place on Saturday, April 25 at the Millennium Library.

For the fifth year, we’ll hold an edible art exhibition and competition. Book and food lovers are invited to create an edible piece of art that has something to do with books. Those are the only rules – how you choose to interpret them is part of the fun! Think S’more and Peace, Alice in Wonderbread, Goodnight Moon Pie… (If you’re looking for more punny inspiration, try this list that starts with Banana Karenina and only gets sillier from there.)

The Challenge

  • Your creation can refer to a title, scene or character, look like a book or book cover, or just have something to do with books. It must be made entirely of edible materials, raw or cooked.
  • Enter in one of 3 categories: Family (adults collaborating with kids under 14); Amateur (14 & over); or Professional/Culinary School Students.
  • All edible entries will be put on display and a prize winner will be chosen by public vote.

How to Enter
Visit the Books 2 Eat website, fill out an online entry form, and email it to Books2Eat@winnipeg.ca. The deadline to submit an entry form is coming up on Monday, April 20. Of course, your edible creation doesn’t have to be dropped off at the Library until April 24 or 25.

13698438323_22ae7cab16_zBut there’s lots more to enjoy at Books 2 Eat, even if you aren’t tempted to try your hand at edible art.

Think you can hunt down food-related clues through all four floors of the Millennium Library? Kids and teens can pick up a Smorgasbord Scavenger Hunt sheet at the Children’s Desk and find out! Hand in your answers (right or wrong) by 3 pm and you’ll be entered in a prize draw.

Older foodies can whet their appetite at talks by Rachel Isaak, from Sam’s Place café and used bookstore, and Parlour Coffee’s Nils Vik.

At the end of the day, the winner of the edible art contest will be announced, and light refreshments will be served.

Check out our website for all the details on what’s happening as part of Books 2 Eat. Bon appetit!


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