From page to stage

Fall isn’t just the season of shorter days, falling leaves, and frost — it’s also the time when new artistic seasons are launched. This year the Winnipeg Public Library and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre are teaming up again to offer new ways to enrich your play-going experience.

Go behind the scenes of two great plays with two great lunchtime talks at the Millennium Library. On Tuesday, October 20, discover how the classic western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is brought to life on stage. On Tuesday, October 27, members of the Royal MTC’s production team will discuss the behind-the-scenes magic that helps a show like Alice Through the Looking Glass come together.

And before picking up your tickets, check out these suggested companion pieces to Seminar, the opening play at the RMTC Warehouse.

Explore More: Seminar

Four young writers pool their money to hire a famous novelist for a series of master classes. Hard-drinking and oversexed, Leonard makes ends meet with freelance jobs and pricey seminars. Undeniably charismatic and indisputably harsh, Leonard throws the book at his students in workshops that are punctuated by professional envy, personal jealousy, and sexual tension…

Explore More Theresa Rebeck

Free Fire Zone: a Playwright’s Adventures on the Creative Battlefields of Film, TV, and Theater. Rebeck’s career has spanned Off-Broadway success to award-winning work writing and producing television and both independent and studio feature films. This writer’s guide attempts to address what she considers a writer’s two primary concerns: how to tell a story with truth and vision, and how to maneuver in a dangerous world of career politics.

twelveTwelve Rooms with a View. When three sisters inherit an $11 million property from their estranged mother, they aren’t the only siblings vying for it. Their mother’s wealthy second husband had two sons who are furious at the thought of losing the apartment. Tina moves in to solidify her claim, but she soon discovers that the co-op board has designs on wresting control of the apartment from both sets of children. As Tina fends off everyone who wants to evict her (or worse), she becomes entangled in her neighbors’ complex lives.

Explore More False Fronts

liesForbidden Lie$ [DVD]. Norma Khouri won fame and fortune with her “true story”, Forbidden Love, about a shocking honor killing in Jordan. The book was a runaway best seller and became the toast of the literary community – until a journalist exposed the book as a work of fiction, and the protagonist as a figment of Khouri’s imagination. This documentary follows Khouri as she attempts to fend off criticism and prove that the incident really took place.

Literary Hoaxes: an Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds, Melissa Katsoulis. Fame, fortune, mischief: why would any writer hide behind another’s identity? From Dionysius the Renegade, who wrote a fake Sophocles play, to modern examples, this is a reader’s guide to some of the works that have fooled publishers, readers, and critics the world over.

Explore More Authors Behaving Badly

Byron: a Portrait, Leslie A. Marchand. “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know”: Lord Byron was the original literary wild child. Marchand’s biography conveys the spirit of this charismatic poet who ran up vast debts, slept with hundreds of women and men (including his half-sister), and died while supporting the Greek battle for independence from Turkey.

circleThe Killing Circle, Andrew Pyper. This suspenseful page-turner explores the repercussions of stealing another’s story and calling it your own. Patrick is still recovering from his wife’s death when he joins a writers’ group in Toronto – and then the circle’s members start to go missing, one by one. The Killing Circle explores the side effects of an increasingly fame-mad culture, where even the staid realm of literature can fall prey to ravenous ambition and competition.

Explore More Writers’ Circles

craftSteering the Craft, Ursula Le Guin. A true master class, this writing primer “for the lone navigator or the mutinous crew” discusses the fundamental components of narrative with charm, wit, and lively opinion. Examples from the global canon are combined with exercises that can be done solo or in a group. An appendix offers a comprehensive guide to working with a writing group (actual or online).

The Writing Group Book, edited by Lisa Rosenthal. In this insightful guide, more than thirty members of writing groups explain how and why they found a group to join or established their own, how they’ve kept their group flourishing, and what it enabled them to accomplish.

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