Makerspace Programs!

Earlier this week, Louis-Philippe wrote about the development of a physical makerspace at Winnipeg Public Library and showcased some of the maker titles in our collection. But did you know that Winnipeg Public Library has been offering makerspace programs since 2013?


Our current roster of makerspace programs includes programs for school-aged children, tweens, teens, and adults. Makerspace programs are intended to provide opportunities for people of all ages to create, experiment and collaborate in a fun, self-directed, hands-on learning environment.

You can find makerspace programs being run at any of the twenty branches in the city. Here are just a few of the upcoming (and did I mention, free?) programs:

Arduino is a small controller or circuit that can be programmed to complete a variety of tasks. Adults can choose from an introductory, intermediate, an advanced Arduino program, so there’s plenty of opportunity to develop your programming skills!

Hidden Poetry involves blacking out most of the words on a page of a book, magazine or newspaper so that the remaining words become a poem. This program runs for Teens (gr. 7-12) and Adults, and is a great way to open your eyes to the poetry of life that’s all around us!


Cubelets Robotics are a great introduction to modular robotics. Magnetic robot blocks that snap together, you can use Cubelets build a robot (that’s right, a robot!) that responds to light, sound, temperature and movement.  This is one of our most popular Tween (ages 9-12) programs.

Paper Circuits: Light Up Cards allows Teens to create their own light-up greeting card using simple circuits, a battery, LEDs and conductive tape!

Our interactive Scratch Programming workshop introduces participants to the basics of the programming language Scratch. This day-long program is spent creating and collaborating on projects such as designing a video game or animated story.


At Making with Minecraft: Papercraft, Tween Minecraft fans work in teams to create a Minecraft world using snap cubes, then populate it with critters friendly and scary. Test your Minecraft knowledge with some trivia, and maybe learn a new crafting recipe or two.


Making with Magformers is another great program for the school-aged group! Using some of the world’s strongest magnets, Magformers snap together to create 3D creatures, cars, robots, rockets, or just about anything else you imagine!

Now, these are just some of the great makerspace programs that can be found at Winnipeg Public Library, and we’re always adding new programs to the lineup! The important thing to remember about makerspace programs is that it is all about learning. There’s no such thing as failure, just “success training”! No need to be an expert, just come and see what you can do. You might just be surprised!

Public Makerfaire – November 7, 1-4 pm at Millennium Library

If you’re curious to see some makerspace action in person, join us at our public makerfaire on Saturday, November 7th from 1-4 pm at Millennium Library. We’ll have stations set up throughout the library, and the public will have an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with some of our newest and most exciting program kits, such as Squishy Circuits (conductive dough creations), Makey Makey (turn anything, even fruit, into game controllers), and Little Bits (an intro to circuitry using snap-together pieces).

The best way to find out what programs are running at the branch nearest you is to check out our events calendar, peruse the latest edition of At The Library (hard copies available in-branch), or talk to staff at your local branch!


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