Let’s Do Lunch


“Lunch is for wimps.” Gordon Gecko in the 1987 film Wall Street

According to the blog Sad Desk Lunch over 62 % of American office workers eat their lunch in the same spot they work every day. Social scientists have termed this “desktop dining”.  I admit to sending an email while munching a sandwich. However I vow to up my game by trading my tired brown bag for an Indian tiffin or napkin wrapped Japanese bento box to tote a portable picnic.

If you share my lunch box blues, here are some cook books that will spark your imagination to prepare lunches to help you power through your work or school day:

portablefeast    The Portable Feast provides brilliant solutions whether you’re planning a picnic in the park or eating “al desko”. Here are secrets to packing salads so they stay crisp by layering in a jar to be tossed together later. Great containers tailored for transporting the make and take meal are also highlighted from the latest in collapsible boxes to Korean covered stainless steel rice bowls

whatareyoudoingforlunch   What Are You Doing For Lunch? outlines the benefits of brown bagging from improving your health to enjoying convenience and flexibility. Includes a sample menu of 20 days of lunches.



lunchtogo    Cooking Light Lunch to Go Whether you are a busy parent, student or worker bee stop spending money in the cafeteria or fast food outlet and start preparing your own healthy economical and tasty lunches. Recipes for 80 simple, satisfying and time saving dishes are included.



bestlunchboxeverBest Lunch Box Ever Filling a lunch box is booby trapped with challenges like keeping some foods hot and others cold, preventing sandwiches from going mushy and fruit from bruising and taking into account fussy kids and food allergies. This information from a dietitian will help you tackle packing lunches every day.


So take your lunch break up a notch. Get away from your desk, use a cloth napkin and real china, read a book or listen to music and congratulate yourself on all the money you’re saving. If you estimate $5 multiplied by 20 lunches per month you will save $1200 per year. Now where you will spend all that lunch money?


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