Daily Archives: May 7, 2019

Mental Health Information at the Library

This week is Mental Health Week and yes, even here at the Library, we’re encouraging everyone to #GetLoud about mental health awareness and supports.

We’re working to do our part by making crisis and support information available at all of our locations – and downloadable too.

If you’re looking for mental health services in Winnipeg or looking to learn more about specific mental health conditions we recommend visiting our Mental Health and Addictions Info Guide. We’ve brought together basic information, books, and research resources about a range of topics, with plans to add more.

One great feature of the Info Guide is the shortcuts to finding books in our collection. In each section of the Info Guide you’ll find a link to a list of titles in our catalogue. The titles below are just a sample of titles you’ll find across all of these lists.

And remember: we are always happy to help you search for information. Be sure to be in touch.

~ Monique