Summer Reading

“One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.”

Jeannette Walls

Somehow, reading in the summer is a different experience than at other times of the year. We’re more apt to do it outside, for one thing, since turning pages with mittens on is a challenge. So is seeing the page when your breath comes out as a cloud. But that’s behind us now, summer is here and the reading is easy. Beach reads have sometimes been defined as totally unrealistic escapism, and that’s not a bad way to pass some time swinging in the hammock or at the cottage. Sometimes, though, we need something with a bit more substance. Reading children’s and young adult titles provides a quality reading experience through the viewpoint of kids and teens, and can take you back to when you were a kid.

Dez and Miikan have shared a lot of experiences in their lives, both good and bad. But when Dez’s grandmother becomes ill, Dez is unable to cope, even with the help of her best friend. When Dez runs away from home, Miikan and the rest of the community do their best to help, but will it be enough to bring Dez home?

Felix is living a secret life. He goes to a good school and has great friends. But what nobody knows is  Felix and his mother have been living in a camper van, struggling to make ends meet. Trying to sneak in showers and finding enough food for the day are realities that Felix is having a hard time hiding from everyone, especially when Astrid is in her ‘slumps’

Mr. Baker’s class is ending the school year with a trip to the Carlsbad Caverns. When an earthquake collapses the tunnels during the trip, the class is sent careening into the abyss. Mr. Baker is missing, and the students are separated in a terrifying, unknown world below. Can they survive and make it back to the surface?

This two-sided novel explores reconciliation through the eyes of three children. In Lucy & Lola, the girls find out about their Kookum (grandmother) and mother’s experiences in the Canadian residential school system. In When We Play Our Drums, They Sing! Dene Cho learns about the impact of residential schools on the loss of their traditions and language.

Ethan’s dad is a famous comic book artist, so when a project at school requires expert drawing skills, his group nominates Ethan for the job. The problem is, Ethan can’t draw. Then Inkling rolls off the page of one of Ethan’s Dad’s sketchbooks and wants to help. That’s when the fun begins…

 I hope that you enjoy reading these books as much as I did. If this list has left you wanting more, check out  for your next great summer read.



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