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We’re Serving up “Just Desserts” at Charleswood Library

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

That is our motto here at the Just Desserts Cookbook Club at Charleswood Library.  People in the club choose from a variety of cookbooks based on the theme for the month, make a few of the recipes and take pictures of their creations.  At our monthly meetings (which occur the second Tuesday of each month @ 6:30pm), we talk about the cookbooks and share some of our goodies that we make.    We have covered cupcakes and holiday baking so far.  In January we will be baking bars & squares and February’s theme is chocolate (yum).

The members of the club are very enthusiastic about baking.  They range in abilities – from the novice baker to the professionally trained.  Each month is a chance for us to share our experiences not only about the current theme, but about baking in general.  We have covered a wide range of topics from the types of ovens we use to how we arrange the recipes we always come back to.  Some members like to experiment with recipes, others follow the recipe precisely.  So getting together each month is an opportunity for us to share a common love – baking.

The one thing that all our members agree on is the fact that cookbooks should have pictures – lots of them.  We all like the idea of being able to see what we’re striving to achieve.  The books I have included here have been recommended by our members for this fact.  I also included some pictures of their creations from the past couple of months.

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Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook
Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes
Better Homes and Gardens Cupcakes

So, if you love to bake or just want to try some new recipes, why not call the Charleswood Library and sign up for the Just Desserts Cookbook Club?  We would love for you to join us!

“Just Desserts” Cookbook Club
Meets at 6:30 p.m., Charleswood Library
• Jan. 14 – Bars and Squares
• Feb. 11 – Chocolate!
Call 204-986-3072 to register.