About Blog

Welcome to the Readers’ Salon, a blog for, you guessed it, readers — sponsored by the staff of Winnipeg Public Library. Our aim is create a forum for you to interact with the larger community of readers. A place for book news. A place that encourages the love of reading. Enjoy.

In addition to guest bloggers we’ve got a bunch of regular staff members who are contributing! They are, in no particular order:

Jane: “Jane has had her nose in a book since age 3 and feels blessed to have found her bliss as a librarian at Fort Garry Library. She, along with Warren Buffett, believes that all she needs to be happy is a book and a 60-watt bulb.”

: “Danielle is a Reader Services Librarian with the Winnipeg Public Library who loves fiction from Austen to Zombies (although she prefers those two kept separate). She reads while brushing her teeth but, after a few near-accidents, no longer reads while walking.”

: “Lou enjoys reading fiction, history and travel guides. Last year he began to practice the 50-page rule; for more information click here. This rule, however, does not apply to his current obsessions: the history and art of the East Roman Empire aka Byzantium, Theosophy, the poetry of Fernando Pessoa and Fado.”

: “Theresa works in the Information and Virtual Services department at Winnipeg Public Library. She currently enjoys reading books about technology, music and film. Favourite authors include J.D. Salinger, Raymond Carver, Tennessee Williams and Sylvia Plath but she’s also very proud of her Nancy Drew collection.”

: Barb selects fiction, ebook and audiobooks for the Winnipeg Public Library system. 

: Phil is the branch head at Henderson Library.

Lindsay: Lindsay is the Youth Services Librarian (Programs and Services) for WPL. She writes about great books for kids!

Lori: “Lori is a lifelong lover of literature and alliteration. At the age of five she entered her first library and it was love at first sight. Her greatest fear is coming to the end of her reading list.”

: “Having lived in Manitoba since 2002, I am the librarian in charge of developing and maintaining the Local History Room collection and related programs. I love to read historical fiction and non-fiction as well as graphic novel and science fiction.”

: “Trevor is the branch head librarian at the Louis Riel Library. His favourite writers are P.G. Wodehouse, Dennis Lehane, Stephen King, Paul Theroux and David Sedaris. ‘Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.’ -Groucho Marx”

Lyle: “A marketing assistant with the Winnipeg Public Library, Lyle loves reading mysteries, history and modern (or post-modern?) theology, preferably in e-book form. He also can’t help himself from grazing e-zines, news and sports sites, which can, theoretically, shorten his time for reading the former.”

Monique: “A bit of a fiction-phobe and great keeper of “to-reads” lists,  Monique is an Information Services Librarian at the Millennium Library.”

Erica: “When Erica isn’t reading, she is working on the main floor of the Millennium Library, talking to people about reading. She also likes coffee, movies, her family, her city, and secretly judging books by their covers.”